Making Music Festivals Accessible for Everyone: A Guide to Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Accessible Festivals is a non-profit organization that is devoted to making live music and recreational events available to people of all abilities. By educating the public and bringing together like-minded organizations, they are striving to end the stigma of having a disability so that everyone can have the opportunity to have amazing experiences, regardless of their capability. To guarantee the best festival experience, it is essential to get an ADA pass or bracelet for both the person with a disability and their companion or friend. These bracelets will provide access to the special observation area for disabled attendees, as well as to accessible bathrooms. Generally, there are no ADA tickets that can be purchased in advance.

All you have to do is visit the Festival's Accessibility Services stand to get an ADA bracelet on site. It is recommended to check out the festival app to locate this booth first thing in the morning. Festivals are now quite accessible compared to previous years, but it may still be beneficial to have a friend or companion accompany you to navigate the exciting and noisy world of music festivals. In the specialized wellness areas of the festival venue, ADA festival-goers are able to participate in guided breathing exercises and mental health activities in virtual reality to rest from the heat and shock. When attending a festival, it is important to be aware of parking regulations. As parking spaces are limited, law enforcement authorities or someone present at the festival may ask you to show documentation that meets the requirements for parking under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

If you have questions about an individual event, contact the hosting organization listed in the description of the event, in the “contacts” tab. Are you ready to rock this year's music festival weekends? With Accessible Festivals working hard to make sure everyone can enjoy their favorite live music, there is no reason not to! What are some of your tips for making the festival experience great?.

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