Sponsoring and Advertising Opportunities for Local Businesses at Music Festivals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sponsoring a music festival is an excellent way to promote your business or service. There are many sponsorship opportunities available to suit all of your needs. At ZipSprout, we often talk about local donations. But we haven't discussed much about brands that already “get it”, that are choosing to go local on a large scale.

These are brands whose mission includes local donations. They don't have a Forbes list or an annual award, but we've seen them time and time again as we work to create a local, nonprofit database. About a year ago, we published a blog post listing North Carolina's top 50 corporate sponsors. This post is still one of our most visited pages through organic traffic. It's clear that people are looking for information about corporate sponsorship.

So we decided to publish the list at the national level. In the ZipSprout database, we have created a list of more than 25,000 “thank you” pages for local and nonprofit events in the United States. We identify and store the URL of this page for every organization we find. These “thank you” pages may be on the home page, but they are often unique pages. All of the organizations we analyzed are hyperlocal, serving specific metropolitan areas, cities, or neighborhoods, either as a nonprofit organization that works with the residents of that area or as an event located in that area.

We don't include national nonprofit organizations in our database, although we do include their local affiliates. For example, we will check the sponsors page of a local Relay for Life event, but not the sponsors of the Relay for Life national headquarters. To do this research, we took the list of these pages, removed their outbound links and analyzed only the top-level domains, and then counted the frequency of each domain. We removed social networks and hosting sites from the list, as many organizations point to Facebook, Twitter or WordPress on every page. There are other ways in which sponsors are thanked on websites, for example, through images or unlinked mentions, that we haven't taken into account.

In our experience, there is no significant difference between organizations that engage with sponsors and those that don't, so we believe that our cross section is still a fairly accurate representation of the whole. In addition, while we work with organizations across the United States, our database tilts toward urban and suburban areas, so we may not have represented companies that sponsor rural nonprofits or that we may have underrepresented them. We also work mainly with non-religious and not overtly political organizations (we include environmental organizations, but not Green Party events, for example), so companies that focus their sponsorships on organizations with a strong religious or political bent may also be underrepresented. Below is the list of the top corporate sponsors, along with the percentage of the more than 25,000 organizations in our database that each company sponsored. The full presentation lasts about an hour but it's worth watching if you're interested in local and field marketing. Wells Fargo has some limitations when it comes to the organizations that choose its employees: it must be a 501c3, it must not be a refunding organization, and it must adapt to Wells Fargo's areas of focus which include elementary and secondary education (26%), health (26%), human services (26%), art (26%) culture (26%) or civic education (26%) environmental Debbie's colleague community affairs officer Carrie Gray told me. Be sure to check out our articles on the costs of local sponsorships and the size of local organizations.

Organizers say they expect the festival to continue to grow in the coming years. With so much action in just three days this year's festival is the perfect time to book a long weekend in Philadelphia. This sponsorship opportunity provides great visibility for your brand before and during the festival in addition to connecting your brand name with a service that is very well received and appreciated by festival guests: a security company and first response staff at the festival venue. If you need help finding sponsors for music festivals and your audience will exceed 15,000 people you may want to work with a professional sponsorship organization that knows your market well. The main musical event has become a Philadelphia summer tradition something like an annual meeting actually and features performances by some of the biggest names in music. Let's look at each step in detail so you can close the deal with the right sponsors for your music festival. This sponsorship opportunity provides great visibility for your brand before and during the festival as it lets everyone know who made their visit to the Philadelphia Balloon & Music Festival possible. Search LinkedIn Twitter Facebook and other social media platforms to find people who work for companies that are right for your music festival.

This is very important because it gives sponsors peace of mind that investing in their next music festival should yield similar results. Before you do anything else you should find out why companies would want to sponsor your music festival. The Roots Picnic is just one of many incredible concerts and music festivals to be held this year in greater Philadelphia area. The more you understand their story their priorities and can link them to benefits of your sponsorship at a music festival better.

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